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How Managed Print and Savings Go Hand in Hand

Have you been wondering whether hidden forces are slowly eating away at your revenues? You’re not far off in your assessment; hidden printing costs could be slicing 3% to 5% of your yearly profits. If you’re in a document-intensive sector like law, healthcare or education, those percentages could be a lot higher. Managed Print and […]

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Overwhelmed by Information?

In today’s information-saturated digital landscape, it seems impossible that business leaders and knowledge workers often feel as though they’re still in the dark. More than half of the information you may be seeking falls into “dark data” categories, so there’s little wonder you’re spending more and more time searching for it. Identifying the Challenges Here’s […]

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Managed Print and Savings—How the Magic Works

You may have heard rumors that managed print and savings go hand in hand. Fortunately for your organization, those rumors are true, and managed print routinely delivers on their objectives to save businesses money. Managed Print Magic Managed print isn’t magic, but since we’re writing this on October 31st, we’ll play along. In all seriousness, […]

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