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Robert SiemonRobbie Siemon
President and CEO

Robbie Siemon is a 3rd-generation owner whose family has been involved with the operation of the company since the late 1920’s.  A true Florida native, Robbie was born and raised in West Palm Beach.  After graduating from Florida State University, Robbie went to work for Halsey & Griffith, Inc. (HGi’s parent company) where he learned the most important business lesson from his Father and Grandfather – fostering personal employee relationships.

For years, Robbie watched as the business owners worked side by side with the employees, never asking any employee to perform a task they were not willing to do themselves.   It is a business philosophy Robbie maintains to this day, and one that he attributes much of the company’s success and staying power to.

Investing heavily in technology and training for HGi Technologies staff is Robbie’s strategy for business longevity.  He believes current threats to the copier industry – and to the economy as a whole – such as consolidation of businesses, can be best met with providing superior expertise and customer service.  He says, “We have to be able to adapt to new products and services to thrive in the future.  The key is training our employees, giving them the resources to succeed, utilizing technology to keep our overhead low, and the owners staying involved in the business on a daily basis.”

Blake SiemonJ. Blake Siemon
Vice President

As Vice President, Blake is responsible for seeking out new and effective ways to save customers time and money by providing services and solutions that improve workflow, reduce the reliance on paper, and establish measurable benchmarks to control the costs of document production, distribution and printing.

Blake graduated with a B.S. from Florida Atlantic University, and has spent over 10 years with Halsey cultivating partnerships with best in class document management and print management solutions providers.

He has several accreditations from leading technology partners including CDIA+ from CompTIA, iSynergy Certified Consultant from iDatix, and PCS Director Expert by Print Audit.

In his spare time, Blake enjoys playing basketball and homebrewing.

Gladstone WilkinsGladstone Wilkins
Service Manager

Gladstone joined the HGi Technologies team in 1990 as a Field Service Technician primarily focusing on RMAP accounts. As a Field Service Technician his responsibilities included servicing and maintaining copiers and fax machines to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

In 1995, Gladstone became HGi’s Service Manager. As Service Manager he oversees service operations for the Miami and West Palm Beach branches and it’s workforce of 20 service technicians, as well as supervising the daily operations of the warehouse, parts and deliveries.

Originally from Jamaica, Gladstone lived in Delaware for 9 years before moving to sunny South Florida.  He graduated from Villanova University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Veronica WilliamsVeronica Williams
Office Manager

As Office Manager, Veronica oversees administrative functions, accounting procedures and human resources for Miami and West Palm Beach. Veronica also supervises the customer support group, facilitating all operations pertaining to accounts receivable and billing for sales and contracts.

Veronica has garnered 21 years of experience at HGi Technologies with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming and field experience in Accounting.

Prior to working for HGi, Veronica was personnel director with the Camden County Board of Commissioners, and worked for ten years as a Senior Tax Preparer at H&R Block.

Born and raised in Waverly, Georgia, Veronica enjoys reading and singing.

Harry SpaightHarry Spaight
Director of Sales

Harry has been in the document industry since the mid 90’s. He originally focused on providing color print technology back in the days when a fast color printer reached the amazing speed of six pages per minute! Color print technology for the office was still a relatively new concept back then. Clients were looking for someone they could trust, who understood their challenges with image quality, deadlines and demands for outstanding support.

After several successful years, Harry pursued an opportunity to manage a team. The real value that Harry brings to his team and clients is his positive outlook. He consistently looks at what can be done to improve a situation, and looks forward to solving client concerns and challenges. 

Harry came on board with HGi Technologies after thirteen successful years in the Washington DC market. He was looking for a company that had strong family and business values and was thrilled to team up with HGi Technologies. He and his family enjoy the Florida climate, nature trails and beaches.