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The A4 Revolution

The latest trend in office equipment is what the world calls the A4 multifunction. What is A4? Technically, A4 is a European paper size that most of us would have no reason to use. In a practical sense, A4 refers to office equipment that is limited in that it can only print on Letter and […]

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Ricoh’s Toner Recycling Program

Ricoh’s Toner Container Return Box Program makes it easy for you to maintain a green office by recycling your empty toner containers. Simply purchase Ricoh’s shipping box and postage label for easy return to their recycling facility. Your empty toner containers will be sustainably recycled with nothing going to landfills. With Ricoh’s Toner Container Return […]

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Cost Cutting Tip

Did you know your fax enabled MFP can forward your incoming faxes to an email address? Your business can save click charges and paper costs by having your Halsey & Griffith technician set up your Ricoh MFP for inbound fax routing. All those menus and marketing faxes you don’t need cost you money and time. […]

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