Managed Print Delivers New Savings Opportunities

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2019 - 15:20

Managed print and cost savings are tied closely together. Through reduced print volumes, optimized fleets, and ongoing support managed print services lowers your organization's print management responsibilities while also lowering costs. Here's how to tap into managed print savings.

Assess Your Situation

Effectively managed print engagements always begin with an assessment of your print infrastructure. MPS experts will consider everything from your device inventory and print volumes to print-related workflows and security. The gathered data will provide insight into savings opportunities throughout your organization.

Add More Services

After your managed print engagement gets off the ground, ongoing assessment and monitoring may reveal new opportunities that could lead to additional savings. Plan to be adaptable and ready to add new services as the partnership matures.

Get More Value from Your MFP

Today's copiers and multifunction printers include powerful features that can increase productivity and provide additional savings. Features like one-touch controls, scanning with OCR, scanning to document management systems, scanning to email and fax, and print security solutions can all add up to bring about further savings.

Streamline the Supply Process

It's no secret that print supplies can give small budgets a run for their money. Without a print management solution in place, your company may be losing money through unnecessary purchasing and disorganized supply inventories. A system that monitors and then notifies the managed print provider when your devices require toner or other supplies ensures that you're not wasting money. You'll also have the right supplies on hand whenever you need them.

Continuous Improvement

The best managed print services engagements adapt to your organization's evolving business requirements. Ongoing monitoring and reporting help evaluate and resolve issues as they arise.

Managed print services deliver savings as high as 30% off your current costs. If you're ready to learn more, contact us at HGi Technologies today!