How Managed Print and Savings Go Hand in Hand

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/13/2018 - 15:21

Have you been wondering whether hidden forces are slowly eating away at your revenues? You're not far off in your assessment; hidden printing costs could be slicing 3% to 5% of your yearly profits. If you're in a document-intensive sector like law, healthcare or education, those percentages could be a lot higher.

Managed Print and Savings

Instead of wringing your hands or cutting off the break room coffee supply to save money on printing costs, here's how managed print companies can work with your team to bring about measurable savings.

  1. Uncover the source of hidden costs. If you knew the cause of your leaking cash, you'd have already done something about it. Managed print companies evaluate your situation to locate print-related inefficiencies, equipment redundancies, and under-the-radar spending. The collected data allows them to move forward with a streamlined, more cost-effective print environment for your organization.
  2. Put the plan into action. Managed print savings begin almost immediately, and you'll notice the difference. Best practices like duplexing, printing in draft modes, limiting color and nonessential printing, and optimizing your print-centric workflows deliver fast results.
  3. Eliminate pain points. Managing print supplies and dealing with device issues is a job no one on your team wants, but the task often falls to your IT personnel. Managed print savings solutions include taking over the day-to-day management of your equipment and supplies. With systems that automatically generate toner shipments and monitor your copiers and printers for issues, your IT and administrative staff will have more time for value-added duties.
  4. Track the results. Managed print companies won't leave you to fend for yourself; an MPS strategy includes continuous monitoring, tracking, and reporting to meet your unique requirements throughout the program's lifecycle.

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