Managed Print and Savings—How the Magic Works

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 11/14/2018 - 12:31

You may have heard rumors that managed print and savings go hand in hand. Fortunately for your organization, those rumors are true, and managed print routinely delivers on their objectives to save businesses money.

Managed Print Magic

Managed print isn't magic, but since we're writing this on October 31st, we'll play along. In all seriousness, however, managed print providers are ambitious about their objectives, and savings as high as 30% are not uncommon. Here are five ways they make the magic come together for your bottom line.

  1. Assessment — Reducing costs begins by finding out what you're currently spending. During the assessment phase, your managed print provider will evaluate your costs, inventory your equipment, and analyze your workflows for a comprehensive snapshot of your entire print environment.
  2. Optimization — A bloated printer fleet could be the underlying cause of your high print spend. Managed print companies assess workflows and determine whether your printers and copiers are a good fit for your team and their specific requirements.
  3. Solutions — Managed print software can add more savings by reducing non-essential printing and print tracking, improving print-related processes, and giving technicians a heads-up when your equipment requires attention. In many instances, issues can be corrected remotely and without interrupting workflows.
  4. Tech Support — Proactive maintenance keeps your equipment operational, and with ongoing educational support and fast responses for on-site repair requests, managed print services provide yet another valuable service.
  5. Supplies — Ordering and managing toner supplies takes time away from your core business goals. Managed print companies deliver more savings by automating supply replenishment, and your equipment lets them know when to initiate a shipment.

Maybe managed print and savings really are a magic combination. To learn about even more savings opportunities, contact us at HGi Technologies today!