How Users’ Print Habits Can Impact Printing Expenses

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 12:51

Printing can be quite costly, especially when you consider the number of documents printed each day. An individual document consisting of one or two pages, doesn't seem like it would have a big impact on printing costs. However, when you estimate the price per printed color page at between three and ten cents in an environment where hundreds of pages are printed everyday, the cost mounts quickly.

Printing documents that don’t need to be filed in hardcopy form will needlessly drive up printing costs. Just imagine if users printed somewhere around 500 sheets per week in color, not giving any thought to the amount of ink being used. This could total over $2,600 a year.

How can businesses take back control and minimize printing costs?

  • Make users more conscientious of what they are printing. Printing only the necessary documents will conserve both paper and ink.
  • Consider saving documents as PDFs that can easily be archived and searched. These files can then be printed when such a request is relevant.
  • Use your printer's duplex setting that will print on both sides of the paper. This will significantly cut down on paper usage.
  • Choose fonts that use less ink. For example, Century Gothic uses less ink than does Arial. Though Arial has become an industry standard, using Century Gothic for documents you will print can cut down on printer costs.
  • Use a laser printer for black and white documents. It’s faster and less expensive than an inkjet, which is more suited to photos.

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