Why Your Business Should Join World Backup Day

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/30/2017 - 12:51

World Backup Day is March 31. Be honest, when is the last time your business backed up it's important data? Doing business in South Florida means natural disasters are a given, so not backing up your data regularly, or having a disaster recovery plan really is playing with fire.

Beyond weather-related data disasters, corruption caused by hardware or human failure, malware and cyberattacks can put your data in serious danger.

According to a recent TechNet article, one of the biggest threats to data is ransomware.

Organizations, hospitals, and businesses have succumbed to paying attackers – a testament to the importance of key data to business continuity. Unfortunately, these incidents can indicate the absence of effective backup strategies in these organizations, which can make ransomware attacks more lucrative for attackers.

Data-related business interruptions can mean big trouble for small businesses. The impact of ransomware, hurricane, fire, power outage, hardware failure or software glitch can be minimized by making sound backup plans a critical component of any disaster recovery plan.

If you aren't backing up your data regularly, World Backup Day is a good reminder to start.