The Benefits of Working with a Local Office Technology Provider, Part Two: Service and Support

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How do you determine which office technology provider really offers the best service?  I’m pretty sure every salesperson says, “We have the best service. We are unique since we have 4-hour or less response time. For high volume its 2-hours and for companies like yours, it may be as low as 1-hour…..blah blah blah."

Sounds impressive. As a buyer it is probably safe to assume you've heard every possible pitch about service. So how can you really tell what you're signing up for?

Let's look at hotel booking for example. If you were going to reserve a hotel for your family, would you check the internet for ratings of the hotels in the area, or would you just choose a recognizable brand? Is it possible that a well-known named hotel could be poorly managed on occasion?

TripAdvisor and Google definitely helped me to make some great decisions on hotel stays. A third party recommendation is extremely helpful in making informed decisions. Sometimes the recognizable name isn’t so great in some areas, and the locally owned hotel might offer much more and may even have a higher rating.

When it comes to service and support of office technology, how can you ensure that you're making a good decision? Is there a way to check the “ratings”?

The best way to begin is by asking specific questions of potential providers, such as"

  1. Does your company use genuine original manufacturer components?
  2. What is the first call fix ratio?
  3. How often do your technicians have to reschedule because they don’t have the necessary parts?
  4. After a technician fixes a problem, when would I expect to see him again based on our usage?

Response Time Isn't Always Resolution Time

Service isn’t all about response time. A provider should be measured on how fast they resolve your issue, not how fast they get to your office. What would you rather see, a technician in 3 hours who says, “I don’t have the part but I will order it for you” or a technician in 4 hours who actually has the part and can fix the device on the first visit?

Is there a Local Help Desk to solve some issues without sending a technician? If there is an issue that is on the network side of the device and not a component or part issue, a Help Desk pro can help get that machine up and running in a matter of minutes from the time a service call is placed.

After checking the web for Google Reviews and even the Better Business Bureau, you can also ask for references.  Be sure to ask for companies that have had equipment for 2-3 years, rather than a recent buyer. This way you can hear what service is really like as the equipment ages. Here are a few questions to consider:

  1. Are technicians there inside of 4 hours from the time a call is placed?
  2. Do they fix the machine on the first call usually or do they need to come back with a part?
  3. Do problems tend to resurface shortly after a tech leaves?
  4. Has a tech ever shown up only to tell you that the problem is on the network and they need to send another tech? (More waiting in this scenario)
  5. Is the technician courteous, informative and helpful?
  6. Are the technicians new and inexperienced or does it appear they are professionals and have been doing this for some time? Tenure can lead to quick fixes without researching tech manuals and minimizing downtime.

You don't need to pepper references with all the above questions. Just pick which 2-3 are most important to you.

Great customer service starts at the top.

HGi Technologies' CEO, Robbie Siemon, has been involved in the local community for many decades and has built a culture of service excellence. Customer service has been a bedrock of HGi for generations. Not only that, HGi is recognized as a PROS Elite Certified provider. This recognition provides our clients with peace of mind that they are working with a partner that is recognized as a top performer in the industry. Every year HGI is audited for service performance by PROS Elite in order to stay qualified for the recognition.

Ricoh Service Excellence Award 2016[/caption]

Our technicians strive to improve their skill sets regularly. They take classes to continue to grow in their career. Many have been recognized as superstars in their field and have received numerous awards. Luis, Eddy, Oscar, Omar, Rudy, Rick, Mike and others have received industry recognition for their achievements. These pros are here to keep you up and running. In addition, they all act as professionals, which will prove valuable in dealing with any challenges.

In spite of all the steps you take to choose the absolute best service partner, sometimes technology glitches out for no logical reason. Technology has been known to throw us a curveball on occasion. iPhones and Androids need updates. Sometimes the batteries go bad. Sometimes they just freeze up. Whatever happens with the business technology that you acquire from HGi, we will assess it, communicate a game plan and perform whatever steps are needed to resolve the issue. It is far better to make the investment to keep a client than save a few dollars and lose a client.

Hopefully this helps you in your decision making process. Do your research, call references, ask good questions and feel good about the culture of the company with whom you are doing business. The odds are in your favor that it will work out well!