At HGi, Brawn + Brains = Balance

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 05/17/2016 - 13:13

When it comes to staying healthy and fit in the workplace, the most important factor is balance. Balance is something you may hear people preach all the time, yet it is something most people fail to practice on a daily basis. Our physical and mental well-beings have a symbiotic relationship, feeding off of each other and providing us with the energy and focus we need to succeed in our personal and professional lives. From the way we eat, the way we exercise, the way we work or the way we live in general, balance is key. Forget brawn vs. brains, it’s brawn + brains!

Here at HGi we have a number of employees who have taken steps to try and find this balance. I myself spent years in and out of gyms and on various diets with lackluster results. But in the last 10 years I have made it my absolute goal to harness that balance and make it part of my everyday life.

The results have changed me physically and mentally. I’ve gone from 200-215 lbs. down to 165-175 lbs. and I am also more focused, more determined. This new focus and determination has allowed me to strive for more challenging fitness goals - a clear example of physical and mental symbiosis; of balance.

Inspired by the changes they have seen in me, many of our team members here at HGi have asked me for advice on exercise and nutrition. I’ve become the unofficial HGi fitness guru, and even created a guide book to help my co-workers understand what and when to eat as well as when to workout. I essentially start by telling them all the same thing: “concentrate on eating healthier first and then find the time to fit in a weekly exercise routine that works out your entire body”.

[caption id="attachment_2837" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Healthy lunch at work. Healthy lunch at the office.[/caption]

Jerome our supplies distributor and Eddy a field technician are co-workers who have embraced their fitness and nutrition goals with the most enthusiasm. They have both drastically changed the way they eat, including more fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and the right mix of carbs and fiber. These healthier eating habits along with simple workouts I helped them develop will go a long way toward helping Jerome and Eddy achieve their desired balance.

Embracing common fitness goals has also helped improve workplace camaraderie in our Miami office. Danny, a longtime friend and HGI’s Help Desk Specialist, and I started riding mountain bike trails together back in 2013. Mountain biking takes a lot of focus combined with strategic skills to not fall or crash into tree or boulder. At the beginning I was slow and fell a lot. Danny on the other hand was a natural at it; he had the skills and moderate speed to exercise and enjoy a nice ride. Like everything else I do, I wanted to be better and faster to reach or surpass Danny’s skills.

Through altering my gym routine and the food I ate prior to and after a hard ride, I pushed hard and learned to be faster and more agile. I shared the methods and techniques I had altered with Danny, and he began applying some of what I shared in order to push and improve his own skills. Danny and I now ride two or more hours nonstop and we do it all, from the easiest to the most difficult trails in South Florida.

Through a healthier lifestyle and motivating one another we push our bodies and minds to improve every time we ride. The biking has been such a success that field technicians/friends Frank and Oscar recently started riding trails with us. We are currently working on teaching Jose how to ride and condition himself to be the next MTB rider at HGi, he is eager to exercise and is very excited to join us on the trails.

Exercise and healthy nutrition are inspiring but more importantly they build us as individuals, or as parts of a team, to be stronger physically and intellectually. People are stronger, more focused and unified when they apply the idea of balancing physical and mental strength to their everyday lives. Embracing a balanced, healthy lifestyle is a great way to increase happiness, productivity, and success in the workplace.