How Ricoh’s Data Protection Technology Could Keep Jimmy McGill Out of Jail

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/21/2016 - 13:13

Fans of the AMC show Better Call Saul were, if not shocked then certainly horrified at the lengths Chuck (played by Michael McKean) would go through to condemn his brother Jimmy (played by Bob Odenkirk).

For those who don’t watch the show, the main conflict between these lawyer siblings at the end of this season was essentially this: Jimmy stole and doctored documents belonging to one of Chuck’s clients in order to sabotage Chuck and cause his client to drop Chuck’s firm and hire Jimmy’s friend. Chuck, suspecting Jimmy’s crime, then manipulated Jimmy into a confession that he secretly taped.

Now I know that on the surface it looks like Jimmy is the bad guy, but trust me when I say he’s not. I mean, not really. It’s super complicated as sibling rivalries usually are. There’s some con artistry, a smidge of mental illness, a makeshift Faraday cage — you know, complicated. But the point is, we really don’t want Jimmy to get caught. Also, you should be watching this show, it’s great.

So, can Jimmy get caught? He basically committed a felony, so at worst he’s going to jail and at best he’s getting disbarred. But like Jimmy said in the final episode, it’s his word against Chuck’s right? Even with the taped confession, there’s no concrete evidence of Jimmy’s wrongdoing. He bribed the copy shop employee and erased the surveillance tapes. He should be in the clear, right?


Better Hope He Used a Ricoh

In Better Call Saul’s timeline of 2003, it’s been about a year since copy machines implemented hard drives. So technically, it is possible that if a judge ordered a search of the machines in that 24 hour copy shop, they’d find evidence of Jimmy’s doctored documents. But it would be a lot less likely if the copier Jimmy used was a Ricoh.

Here are the top 3 ways Ricoh technology could secure document imaging data and clear Jimmy’s name:

  1. Ricoh’s Proprietary Software System - Ricoh-designed MFP and Printer products include technology designed to help prevent the hard drive from being accessed even if the hard drive is removed from the device and connected to a PC. Ricoh products use proprietary software to process data, which makes accessing hard drive information extremely difficult.
  2. RAM Based Security - Select Ricoh MFP and Printer systems use RAM (Random Access Memory) instead of a hard disk drive for document processing tasks as a copier and basic printer. (a hard drive may be available as an option for some models) The security benefit to the non-hard drive configuration is that information processed with RAM is volatile (i.e., when the system is turned off, data is immediately erased). Without a means to permanently store data, such as a hard drive, the security threat posed by illicit access to the system’s hard drive is eliminated. These RAM Based MFP and Printer systems may be used for environments where information security is the top priority.
  3. DataOverwriteSecurity System - To provide enhanced security of copier data, Ricoh offers the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) for select systems. DOSS offers two processes for overwriting the hard drive data, “Event Driven” and “Overwrite All”.
    1. Event Driven: DOSS overwrites the sector of the hard drive used for data processing after the completion of each job. During the overwrite process, the data is destroyed to preclude illicit recovery.
    2. Overwrite All: DOSS can also offer the capability to overwrite the entire hard drive up to nine times. Overwriting the entire hard drive is designed to destroy all data at the end of the system’s useful life or when being returned at the end of a lease.

Just to be clear, we don’t advocate criminal activity. And while Jimmy McGill is technically a criminal, he’s more of a used car salesman meets Robin Hood kind of criminal. Who wants to see Robin Hood thrown in jail?

Things weren’t looking great for him at the end of this season, so we just wanted to give the showrunners and the team over at AMC a realistic scenario for how the right copier technology could get Jimmy out of the current jam he’s in — no pun intended.

Oh and if you’re interested, Ricoh’s data protection could be pretty good for securing your company’s confidential business documents too. You can learn more about it, here.