How to Use the Power of Hyper-Personalization in Print Marketing

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 10/23/2015 - 13:22

Marketing departments, CMOs, and ad agencies are always looking for ways to keep consumers engaged with their products and brands. One crucial aspect of building meaningful relationships with customers is developing highly personalized communication that speaks to each individual customer or prospect.

Using hyper-personalization in your print marketing campaigns takes into consideration consumers' very different needs and preferences, and creates highly meaningful, effective communication that sparks connections and influences behavior.

The folks over at Direct Marketing News stress the importance of understanding the role of print and production in achieving hyper-personalization, and recommend these 4 tips to drive the effectiveness and efficiency of your next direct marketing campaign:

Choose the right print technology. Not all print output is equal. Keeping in mind variances in quality, speed, materials, and other such elements will help you determine which type of print technology should be used for specific programs.

Use dynamic templates. Marketers can truly hyper-personalize communications through the use of variable templates that facilitate unique content. There are different engines out there that tie specific data and graphics together into a template to compose a piece that will be highly relevant to the recipient regardless of channel.

Integrate technology and workflow to link data and content. Being able to seamlessly connect content management systems, customer data, composition, print, and electronic output can be tricky. Working with a technology partner that can provide the right level of connectivity will enhance this integration and improve your time savings. Choose a partner who's able to bring data and creative elements together and output to the appropriate channel in a systematic way.

Use print to drive cross-channel integration. The most effective marketing campaigns leverage highly relevant messages with a multichannel approach. Using tools such as QR codes and personalized URLs, known as PURLs, marketers can create a bridge between platforms, giving consumers the power to choose how to engage and respond to communications, which ultimately builds better relationships and drives marketing and sales results. This also offers the opportunity to gain more insight into their behaviors, reinforcing even greater personalization in future communications.

With the right mix of print technology and workflow solutions, you can build a seamless, hyper-personalized marketing campaign that will generate ROI in no time. To learn more about how HGi can help, contact us today.