3 Crucial Aspects to Securing Your Healthcare Data

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 13:22

We've been talking a lot about data security lately, and nowhere is it more important than in the healthcare industry. The amount of healthcare data in both digital and traditional paper formats is growing at an unprecidented rate. With this growth comes increasing importance in securing the privacy of patients as well as securing valuable staff and organizational information.

With South Florida being such a health-care intensive metro region, healthcare leaders here should be looking to do everything possible to guarantee the safety and security of critical healthcare data.

Our partners at Workintelligent.ly recently discussed healthcare security with the CIO of a major Northeast medical system who identified 3 aspects within his organization that required attention:

  1. Data Capture - Data capture begins as soon as a patient schedules an appointment and continues throughout treatment. Whether data consists of structured or unstructured information, mishandling by staff or devices can jeopardize the security of that information. Therefore, they confirm that all data are accurately digitized and stored according to tight security standards.
  2. Data Accessibility - Unprotected workstations, staff discussing patient cases in the open and other situations risk compromising patient data security on a daily basis. To reduce these risks, they have implemented a program to train the facility’s entire staff — from the CEO to the janitorial staff — in HIPAA compliance and the penalties for noncompliance.
  3. Data Sharing - When data is shared, risks increase exponentially, as other organizations or referring networks may not have the same strict policies in place. They make sure the facility’s data sharing systems adhere to HL7 exchange requirements to safeguard their system’s patient information.

It's pretty clear that securing healthcare data takes the cooperation of nearly every department within your organization. A good first step is making sure you lock down the way your organization captures your patients' data. Talk to your HGi Technologies technical consultant to learn how we can help.