Is Your South Florida Business Prepared for Disaster?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 07/15/2015 - 13:38

As Floridians, we all know that hurricanes are a natural part of living in a tropical paradise. We've grown accustomed to those summer trips to the hardware store to stock up on batteries, flashlights, generators, and whatever else we need to protect our homes and prepare for the storm.

And when the storm comes, we stay home, board up, hunker down, and play some Monopoly. When it passes, we go outside, clean up, and go back to work.

Unless, the office flooded. Unless all the customer files, contracts and accounting documents are trapped inside water-logged filing cabinets, or being wind-blown down I-95. The water will eventually recede, but the documents are lost forever.

How long would it take for your business to recover from such a loss?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 40% of businesses never recover from a data loss of this magnitude. Of those that do manage to re-open, 2 out of 5 will be out of business within 3 weeks.

This kind of scenario can be avoided with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Enterprise document management software like M-Files can help your business secure crucial business documents and ensure vital content assets are protected in the event of a hurricane or other potentially catastrophic situation that could place the company's important documents and other information at risk. You can even recover lost email with Google Apps for Business' Google Vault.

With the right kind of disaster recovery plan, you can keep your South Florida business running, and thriving, even after a hurricane.