Putting the Mobile in ‘Information Mobility’

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 11/11/2014 - 13:53

When your managers hear 'information mobility', do they think of an intern running down the hall with a manila folder? Do you have trouble finding or accessing the right information from wherever you are when you need it? Information Mobility is about capturing, filtering, analyzing, harnessing, transforming, and accessing your company data anywhere, anytime on any device and in any useable format.

Nearly two out of three workers report feeling overloaded by the amount of information they have to manage, and yet, nearly 80% of workers say that their companies aren’t using new or different technologies that are available which would allow them to be more efficient and productive at work—making information mobility a necessity in the modern workplace.

Access Your Documents Anywhere, Anytime – Even When You’re On the Go

With an enterprise content management system (ECM) like M-Files, companies of all sizes can easily achieve true information mobility. The new M-Files mobile apps provide dynamic ECM capabilities such as document control, workflow and compliance support in a user-friendly mobile experience. (view mobile access video)

Since M-Files is based on metadata, content can be dynamically organized by any attribute, such as customer, project or case, author, or date — and the same document can appear in multiple locations simultaneously. This also makes finding information easy with smaller devices’ touch screens. For instance, M-Files remembers the content that you were reading in the office and displays it automatically in the Recent documents view in the mobile app.

Mobile Scanning & Approval Workflows Offer Maximum Flexibility for Road Warriors.

If you have a sales staff that makes frequent business trips, you know how frustrating it can be trying to make sense of expense reimbursements. Most of the time you're stuck with a wad of crumpled receipts to sort through for approval. With mobile scanning on the M-Files smart phone app, road warriors can scan receipts directly to the M-Files vault no matter where they are. You'll get an email alert allowing you to review the expense and approve it and every step of the process is documented. (view mobile scanning video).

These are just a couple of examples of the ways your employees can work with information mobility, making your business more efficient, productive and successful.