Reduce Summer Paper Jams

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 08/01/2011 - 14:20

We all know the sweltering summer months can pose problems like sunburn, skyrocketing electric bills, and the lingering menace of hurricane season. Did you know that it can also wreak havoc on your office equipment? Even in air-conditioned offices, humidity levels climb in the summer months. The problem is that quite a bit of that extra moisture gets absorbed by your paper stocks.

The excess moisture in paper evaporates when being fused which causes your paper to curl. That curling paper is why we see a sharp rise in service calls related to paper jams in the summer months.

To help you keep your equipment running up to the standards you have come to expect as Halsey & Griffith customers, we thought we would share with you our tips to minimize moisture in your paper stocks.Always keep paper wrapped during storage. The cardboard box and the wrapper all help to absorb moisture so that it doesn’t get into your paper.

  • If you open a ream of paper, be sure to use it all. If it doesn’t all fit where you need it, find a different machine for the remainder of the ream.
  • Front your old paper. When refilling a paper tray that isn’t completely empty, be sure to put the oldest paper on top so that it is used first. If you don’t, after a while the paper at the bottom of the stack has been out of the ream long enough to cause jams when it finally queues up into the machine.
  • Buy quality paper from a quality source. You can't control how paper is stored before it reaches your doorstep, so you are better off dealing with someone you trust.
  • These simple tips should keep your printers and copiers running smoothly throughout the season.