The A4 Revolution

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 02/21/2011 - 14:20

The latest trend in office equipment is what the world calls the A4 multifunction.

What is A4? Technically, A4 is a European paper size that most of us would have no reason to use. In a practical sense, A4 refers to office equipment that is limited in that it can only print on Letter and Legal sized paper. Most commercial-grade multifunction equipment in the world today is what is known as A3, the European equivalent to Ledger sized paper (11 x 17).

The capacity for larger paper comes at a price. It takes roughly 40% more raw material to make imaging components large enough to accommodate these larger paper sizes. That means your equipment costs more to make, and consequently, it costs more for you to buy.

If being limited to Letter and Legal paper doesn’t sound like much of a limitation to you, it’s because it probably isn’t.

In the United States, less than 3% of all pages printed on office equipment are printed on paper larger than Legal (8.5 x 14). Most companies simply have no use for it, and the ones that do certainly don’t need an entire fleet with oversized paper capability.

Manufacturers are beginning to release fast, compact A4 multi-functions at significantly lower price points than their similarly equipped oversized models.

Halsey & Griffith has a wide array of these models to choose from:

Lexmark XS654/658 – Black & White up to 55ppm
Ricoh C300/400 – Color up to 43ppm
Lexmark XS796de – Color up to 50ppm (Coming Soon)

Contact your Halsey & Griffith rep today to see if any of these models fit your business needs.